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Dec 21, 2016 | Blog Post, FAMILY, Local Information

My daughter was born in 1992. Just to reflect on that for a moment… that was BEFORE THE INTERNET!! I know many of you won’t even understand what on earth I’m talking about but we got our information from newspapers, noticeboards in shop windows or just from chatting in the queue at supermarkets. Times have changed and now parents have a wealth of brilliant information at their fingertips with just a click, tap or swipe. Blogging is now massive and everyday folk have found a way to share knowledge, interests and even just have a daily moan on any subject you care to dream of! Many blogs are extremely interesting and can really improve the quality of the time you have together as a family. Or they can just help to give you a smile each day by sharing the trials and tribulations about being a parent… after all, we know bringing up children is not a bed of roses!

I would like to share my Top blogs for Parents; all recommended by my lovely friends.

North East Family Fun 

Samantha Rickleton is a local mummy with three children and her award winning blog is jam packed with articles on family life, travel, health & fitness, food glorious food & the great outdoors. Recent posts include how to add fruit and veg to your children’s lunch box, a review on afternoon tea at Wynyard Hall and how to camp with a baby. Her blog posts have a very personal touch and have plenty of photos to help illustrate the topic being discussed. She has also reviewed loads of days out in the North East and it’s a great place for inspiration… you might even discover places in the NE you never knew existed!

Hurrah for Gin

This is a very popular blog among my friends. It’s easy to see why! Now Katie isn’t based in the North East but this hasn’t stopped this hilarious blog making my top 10. This blog gives a real and humorous account of parenting young children – the happy, the sad, the good and the bad and it’s all illustrated with the help of stick men. Take her “Perfect Christmas Day Timeline” for example; I laughed so much at this account as it’s so true and we’ve all been there in some form or another. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s VERY funny!

You can also purchase the book HERE

Part Time Working Mummy 

When a Facebook page has over 250k followers you know there is something of interest here! Rachaele Hambleton is an Internationally published writer on motherhood and associated topics. She is a part-time working mummy and her blog shares the highs & lows of day to day life as a family of seven, whilst fighting hard for awareness and funds for domestic abuse and other charities.

Recent posts cover PMT, starting school and balancing work with parenthood.

Sprog on the Tyne

This blog is written by Caroline who has two small children and it’s one that definitely makes my list as I photographed her wedding a few years ago! This is a fabulous blog that gives honest reviews of places and activities for families with small children and also gives very useful information on eating out with toddlers.

This is a blog with it’s roots well and truly in the North East and a must if you want to know what’s going on in the area.

The Unmumsy Mum

This is a hugely popular (500k followers on Facebook!) no holds barred blog (and best selling book too!) Sarah speaks from the heart and her un-sugarcoated thoughts and opinions really resonate with parents. She started writing as The Unmumsy Mum after becoming disillusioned with the other parenting literature she had read online. Everybody seemed to be coping so well? She made a vow then and there to document the reality of parenting and I just love the way she tells it how it is and has you giggling along with her.

Buy the book HERE

Man v Baby

Described as “Dispatches from the front-line of parenting… (or.. What happens when a newborn baby meets an idiot)”. Most posts are on Facebook and cover Matt’s hilarious ramblings and day to day observations about his life with his very cute little boy Charlie. I found this a refreshing point of view from a new fathers point of view and it’s nice to have a guy in my top 10! Matt is writing a book too…watch out for it as it’s bound to be worth reading!


Another fabulous North East based Blogger. Nyomi is a family lifestyle blogger and also has lots of great video reviews too which give this blog a very personal touch! The Nomipalony blog covers family days out, activities and reviews on clothing, toys and restaurants.

Baby Foote

Helena loves to blog about traveling and says her son had made 30 flights by the time he was 30 months old! I love the sound of that and delved into her blog with interest! There is lots of information on travelling with children and topics include taking a pushchair on the plane, What to do in Bangkok with young children and keeping kids entertained on long car journeys. Helena also stays closer to home and there are posts covering things to do in the North East. All very interesting and I loved the giveaways too!

Rock and Roll Pussycat

Cat blogs about her life, her family and the adventures they have in the North East. She has lots of really interesting reviews of products and also many travel related posts too. I love posts with lots of photos and this doesn’t disappoint.

Sugar Rushed

I came across this blog when I was looking at the winners of the North East Blogger Awards . Ashlie’s blog won Best Parenting blog so naturally I wanted to take a look and when she says she loves tea, posh candles, nice nails, cake, box set marathons, alcoholic drinks, profanity and designer handbags I was SOLD! hehe! Recent posts include an interview with Shane Lynch (Aladdin at the Whitley Bay Playhouse), slow cooker fudge recipe (drooling at the photos!!) and creating a cinema trip at home.

The Mumblings 

Lorna lives in London with her husband and two daughters and her blog is a reflection of her life… worms and all hehe! I really love her honest authentic style of writing and I know this blog is popular with many of my friends! I loved her posts on “Mumcation” – a trip away with friends and no kids and also on her maternity leave experience.

Just a Normal Mummy

This award-winning blog documents down to earth parenting, the funny and the brilliant bits about being a Mummy! I found her post about her Date Nights pre and post kids to be hilarious and so true! There is loads of straight talking, very funny parenting hacks and advice… check out tips for the first year.. superb!


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